Friday, June 24, 2005

The pain of selling to relatives

This is a lesson that I am forced to learn and re-learn ever so often, though I full well know the consequences of this sort of transactions, sometimes its just hard to resist making the sale and be rid of whatever it is that is being sold.

Sold my Atoz to an Aunt. Its just so difficult to make her understand the process. Her questioning comes across sounding like an accusation that I was trying to cheat her. Her daughter wants to pay as minimal as possible monthly installment but she is concerned that the loan will last for nine years. Sigh....

Lessons :

  • Buy a car (or anything of value) that is easy to dispose and one that will retain its value as much as possible (no matter how much you love it when you first had it, you are going to replace it with something better);

  • Avoid dealing with relatives or those close to you in disposing of cars or computers (it will break down and you will be the first person they will call);

  • Explain clearly and patiently until the other party understands completely all matters of the transactions (avoid later complaints and annoying queries);

  • Be aware that things that you take for granted may not be understood by the other party i.e. bank procedures;

  • Finally, be patient, understanding and sympathetic (I certainly wish that I can...).

    1. No, this is not the car that I sold to my Aunt. It was after this accident that the Atoz was used for a while. Its the nastiest accident for me, turned turtle 3 times and this is the result, Alhamdulillah no major injury or deaths. Perhaps a full story is due.... if anyone wants to hear about it and see more pictures.

      Thursday, June 23, 2005


      Been writing for pages, decides to spell check, moves away from page, all is lost....