Monday, March 22, 2010

Terengganu Candat Sotong

On Sunday, 21st of March 2010, the state tourism sponsored by TM launched the "Bulan Candat Sotong". The highlight was a squid catching competition. 21 teams were there. 10 person to a boat.
Off they go in the overcast and slightly gloomy day - some say the squid will be thriving if it rains...

The happy faces of the competitors full of spirit and predilection of winning. There's the volume, weight, length and various other categories.

Preparing the gear that will surely bring us victory.

As night falls, the swell came higher and longer...

And victory remains but a distant dream. The eight of us from the "maritime" fraternity caught a total of 3 measly squid. The longest of which is 16.2 cm - the judges measured it just to appease the team I presume. We had a good laugh about it...

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I received this in my inbox this morning:

Hmmm, it was nice but a bit naive. Because it is always a "friend" i.e. those that are close to you that are bound to hurt you and stab you in the back. No one is ever stabbed in the back by a stranger is it ?

Anyway, good day to you too Macha and I hope all your friends remain true friends. And remember, if you are ever hurt by any one of them, its not personal. Its just like swimming in the sea. Its fun and feels good but you may drown or be stung by its creatures. Take care.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Moon

The moon, I have always been fascinated by its cool soothing presence. Believe it or not it does affect our mood. Humans contain about or more than 70% fluid. Even the tides of the oceans abide by the pull of the moon, what more mere mortals like us. This is where science and mysticism entwine. Werewolves howling at the full moon. The tide within the human body abiding by the gravity of the full moon unconsciously affecting our thoughts and feelings.

On a clear night with the full moon in view, find a quiet spot and just bathe in its gentle luminosity. See how you feel. Errrr just don't get too carried away....