Monday, May 17, 2010

Move it, move it, move it

Monthly exercise, for most I think...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

May god have mercy...

You are arrogant. All this is because of your arrogance. That is what the mystic told me. Huh ?

Granted, I am the type who makes very bad first impression. Being an introvert lacking social skills does that. “I am arrogant to everyone, if anyone can’t accept that then keep - a w a y - why pretend to be a friend yet simmer in anger and go this far?”

The discovery came about because a colleague recommended that I seek alternative treatment for my legs. Perhaps they are tired of seeing me limping around the office yet manage to trundle on a mountain bike up and down hills and valleys with aplomb. The masseuse that we went to see turned out to be a middle aged unassuming guy. Not one you would associate as being someone knowledgeable in the mysterious arts of spirits and demons. He did not even let on that he is such a person. It was a day after the first session that he called and asked for an appointment. Odd, a care giver asking for an appointment with a patient when it should be the other way around. I said yes, thinking that maybe he felt that he did not do his job properly the first time. It was only after the second treatment that he told me the exact same thing that has been said by other ustazs and spiritual healers. Something that I find hard to neither accept nor believe. That it was sort of a voodoo curse put on me by someone very close, as close as my own sibling.

The main reason appears to be anger, envy and hurt because of my arrogance and ignorance. The aim seems to be so that I end up losing my mobility, ability to work and beg for help. To put me in my place. Huh ?

Therein lays my main weakness, thinking that everyone thinks just like me. Straightforward, sometimes blunt. Life is short after all and I am not one to beat around bushes. You like someone keep them close and around, if not then keep away. You like something keep it going; don’t like it, for god’s sake just say so. Yet, there are those who are not able to do that and prefer to simmer in anger, seeking vengeance instead. Perhaps for these types, it’s more fun that way.

As for me, I believe in a higher power, I leave it to him and pray for the best. If what all these people have been telling me is true, I sincerely hope that the person(s) responsible for my predicament see the light and start thinking of putting themselves in a proper place instead...

My main regret is not so much the physical pain, the cost and the time spent trying to find a cure but the fact that decades of building a relationship was gone simply because they can’t look me in the face and say “I don’t like what you have become”. At least the bridge will still be there and the door will remain open, maybe just maybe things could be worked out. Now, I am burning the bridge and closing the door.

To all my friends or whom I consider to be my friends, I beg of you, if there is something that is not right, words that may have hurt you [gods knows I have a sharp tongue...], actions or inactions that seems to be unpleasant to you. Please, please tell me. If you are uncomfortable in a face to face then email, sms or FB [woohooo finally got it], and we could work it out. In extreme cases just keep me away and I will stay away. Just don’t harbour a grudge as it will eat you alive.

There’s enough venting, now I want to go swimming...

BTW, disgusting pictures follows:

That is a 1 x 1 feet tile. Can you believe that the crap just dropped out of a six year old ? This was after many, many days of not being able to pass motion.

A dead bird on my doorstep. I love animals, cats would have shredded it but it stays that way when I found it. Coincidence ?

Another excruciating output from a little girl who does not have any health, eating or drinking disorder. Fluke of nature ?

A dead dried up lizard which was not there in the morning...

If its me you are angry with, why does the kids have to suffer ? May god forgive your transgression for I am unable to find even a speck of forgiveness, not when I have to see innocent children suffer.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bukit Besar

View at the top.

Quarter way up.

Under the huge billboard "Allah Selamatkan Terengganu".

Halfway there...

3/4 to the top.

Finally at the peak.

Errr, I was mostly pushing and carrying the bike.

Jula juli bintang 7

The title is of a very old movie, about 7 sisters descending from heavens to frolic and play in a secluded watering hole. Unknown to them, the local village hero stole their clothes which cause them to lose their ability to fly back to the heavens...

Anyway, a recent ride reminded me of this, only thing, as you could already see its more like a herd of ..... instead of delicate beings from heaven heh heh.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Hole

A night shot by "Mr. Steady Hands" below the starboard beacon of the breakwater which is about 3 or 4 km long. Must have cost a bomb to build.

Classic views of padi fields at the foot of mountain ranges. Beautiful serenity and the subject of painters.

Along the quiet path to the hills.

In the valley...

...lies the swimming hole.... and you were thinking the title refers to ?

Mishap of the day, a broken handlebar.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ride Mishaps...

Bliss under the shade, clear blue sky accentuating the heat of the rising sun.

Fallen tree across the path ahead.

Bike down.

Broken chain.

Pinch flat.

Descent phobia. After twice falling, pushing the bike downhill seems sensible. It was fun nonetheless.