Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dick & Jane

For lack of a better title...

What makes a woman listen to gossip monger, refused to listen to reason and sacrifice the happiness of a child to throw her husband out of their home ?

What makes a man let his wife stomp all over him like that ?

I fail to understand such situation. Then again, perhaps I do. Communication is essential. Give and take is crucial. Understanding and tolerance is mandatory. Most of all, the initial reason of the co-existence and co-habitation must be pure and true, not because of external pressure or for show to the outside world.

Hence the title, Dick in name only and Jane, she has a lot of soul searching to do and a lot to learn instead of letting her emotion rule her behaviour.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Against Instinct

Should have followed my gut feeling, should have listened to my instinct.

This morning after sending my wife to her class I drop by a relatives house, sort of a post umrah visit - going against my instinct which kept prodding me not to. The kind of uneasy feeling that came when you are about to go somewhere or do something. The little voice that never speaks but just let you feel. Anyway, looking back it was just a trivial matter which somehow upsets me greatly.

I arrived and proceeded to manoeuvre my car in the tight and only available parking spot on the road in front of the house. As I was carefully doing it - wife's new car - I was honked at aggressively. It was my relative. My first thought was that perhaps he did not recognise the new car and was angry that someone is taking his spot. I planned to laugh with him about it once I parked the car but his honking became incessant and his approach aggressive. I rolled down the window, poked out my head and waved at him. He did not back up so thinking that perhaps there's something wrong with the spot, I moved on up the street, made a U-turn and as I passed him - already parked in the spot, he pointed towards a tight space on the opposite side of the road. That space will not be long enough for my MPV but will fit his 2 door car. I moved further down the road and stopped right before the junction, at which point, I decided that perhaps its better to listen to my instinct and just left. It was raining, I have kids in the car and my cordial mood is gone.

Two things bothered me, first, its not so much about the parking spot but the fact that as a potential guest, I was treated badly. Second and most importantly, I am angry at myself for taking it for granted that I will be accorded some sort of special treatment just because if it was me, I will make sure my guest can access my house as easy as possible - including giving up my parking spot to them. Well, there's always new things to learn and discover, I suppose.

On the way home, the relative - his wife - called asking why I left. I said, the car is parked too far, it was raining and maybe I'll come by next time. Yeah right...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Monochrome in Haram

Some of the things that I see.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Boundaries, markers and signs of life.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Short Break...Maybe

Will be going on a short trip. To get back to the roots and do some soul searching. Pray for my safe return so I can regale you further with my shots and stories. See you guys soon.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Beautiful colorful busy yet the time comes when what you really need is solitude and serenity.