Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It never ends..

It never ends does it ? The journey of deja-vu. Feels like, no, I know that I have been here before. Was tripped by the pothole before, yet here I am going through it and getting tripped by the same pothole again.

I always thought that with every journey, lessons are learnt, experiences gained and then we were supposed to move on to new journeys and new experiences. Yet the cycle keep repeating itself. Is it supposed to be this way ?

There once was a man whose gift is of understanding, able to understand and able to see what others fail to see. At first it was a gift then it turned to a curse. Because though he could understand he could never be either or. His understanding and his sight refused to let him choose, leaving him alone on the fence, only able to see but not be...

Have you ever felt that your investment does not yield the desired return ? Do you pull out or stay and hope that the tide will change ? Getting tired of efforts that does not provide reciprocal results. Perhaps I am just a bad investor...

Gotta go and cycle now.... ;-)