Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Watery bliss...

Read this somewhere -
There's a reason why good people suffer. They don't safeguard themselves against those whose nature is to harm and destroy. If you kiss a scorpion, it will sting you. If you hug a grizzly bear, it will crush you. If you offer to make friends with the alligator, it will eat you.

People are more difficult to recognize, yes. But they do give away their nature by their actions. Words can be decieving. We need to tune our judgement to what people "Do" and not what they "Say."

Words that are so true yet I just am not able to heed its wisdom. Personally, my weakness for grizzlies leads me to be continually at risk. Just like the sea, knowing its threat and danger does not deter from being near it, in it. Take it away, I will miss it.