Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunset at Pulau Kapas

Golden sunsets at Pulau Kapas. My favourite time of day, beautiful light with cool breeze bringing on a sense of peace and calm with a tinge of sadness as the day comes to a close.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seasick !

I am not one to easily succumb to motion sickness, be it on land, air or sea. However, a recent "mencandat sotong" or squid fishing trip proves my gullibility to this problem. It started out well enough. I was excited as this is a first for me. We left the serene waters of Pulau Kapas under a beautiful sky. Gliding on the moonlit shimmering seas. Smells and sounds of the seas is really soothing and therapeutic. As the occasional spray of salty drops hits our skin we feel refreshed. Until we hit open waters and the boats starts to move in rhythm with the swells. It starts to roll and pitch. A small boat trying to keep up with the long slow swell. It was just swells. It wasn't even breaking. Yet the motion of the boat, which I am told later is common because of its stiff characteristic. It rolls one way and before you could sway with it, jerks the opposite way. Salty sprays turns to salty showers as the bow ploughs into the sea.

It was fun. Reminded me of those times on real ships going through Bay of Biscay. Even then I rarely if ever got seasick.

My seasickness starts when nature calls. Once in the bathroom, the putrid smell in an enclosed space just drove my senses over the edge. It forced me to remember what seasick felt like. It was horrible. I ended up lying on a bench, holding onto the railings and just let the boat rock me however it wanted to. The boys had fun squid fishing while I was silently praying for them to have had enough and head back back to the steady shores. So, now I can really appreciate what Jag felt like when we were in Tioman. Lets do it again Jag.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Viet Nam War Museum

A place worth visiting if only to see the atrocities of war. Next to a quote "every humans right to freedom bla bla bla" hangs a picture of two boys by a padi field, the elder protecting the younger. Both shot to death. A group of women and children with horrified looks on their faces just before being killed en-masse. Naked men bound by their feet and dragged to death by the war machines. I supposed when they say "human" it means human like them not human like us - if that term could be used to describe "us".

I shudder to think that this may be happening again today...

A picture is really worth more than a thousand words.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gunung Nuang

Some friendlies from Gunung Nuang. A place to go for a peaceful trek, sweat and switch off. Swarms of insects, butterflies, moths, bees and many more. Just wear comfy shoes and bring enough water unless you are game for the cool waters of the mountain stream.

From the car park, where you are required to register and pay a RM1 fee to the first waterfall area would be about 2 hours [my pace - you might be faster], from there the trail turns to single track water ruts made up of rocky and knobbly roots. It'll be another 4 hours perhaps to reach the peak. For those going for the first time it is advisable to go with someone who is familiar with the place.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Arwah Ayah

Just some shots taken on one of of our visit to arwah ayah's resting place. Grandkids reciting Yassen for him. The ones that he nurtured and pampered remembering him. May he be blessed.