Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Lake Walker

It is about 9pm when the guys start trickling in to the cafe by the lake. It was their monthly TT, "teh tarik" session, basically a gathering to just talk about everything and nothing over a cup of foamy tea sweetened and muddied by condensed milk. They came from diverse background with differing careers. Only the car that they all drove became the bond that binds them. Sort of escapism really, away from wives and work they became boys sharing the fascination with their toys.

The cafe by the lake was chosen by a member known for his abhorrence to drive through KL traffic. It was close to his home, luckily the place was nice. A cafe right on the edge of the lake with its own pontoon jetty extending towards the fountain in the middle of the lake. Surrounded by greenery and at night lighted by pretty garden lights. That night the weather was nice with soft breeze blowing across the lake. As it was a week night, there were not many patrons there.

They were on their second round of drinks, laughter's abound and cigarette smoke wafting through the air. They were all in a place where their worries were gone, their mood is light and just enjoying the company and banter that is passing back and forth in all direction. It was almost 11pm when the cafe owner asked for any last call and told them that they could stay on but that the lights will be switched off. He then left, leaving them with someone who looked like a guard who promptly disappeared into the darkened cafe. Presumably to lock up and do whatever a guard is supposed to do.

As the lights in the cafe were switched off, a young man approached the group. Shook hands with all of them and just smiled. Their banter was never disrupted except to extend a hand to receive the young man's hands and say their name. It is normal for new members to pop in to these sessions as it was broadcast over their car club's discussion forum. All of them thought that the young man is a new member. All are welcome, they just need to fit in and go with the flow. The young man just sat, smiles and nod at their conversation. In the dim light they all noticed that though he seems fine, the young man's face seems a bit ashen. No one says a word, not even in jest as he is a new member. They just continue talking and laughing.

As the witching hour approaches, the young man stood up without saying a word and leave. No one notices at first but as he reaches the pontoon jetty, silence prevailed and all eyes were on him. Then he did the unthinkable, he just walked into the murky water of the lake and disappeared. Without a splash, without a sound. The group just looked at each other and without saying a word, each left for their own cars. They just drove off without the usual lengthy goodbyes or even inspecting each other's cars for the latest modifications or gizmo's as they were wont to do.

It was in the car that the actual horror begins. As each were driving alone, whenever they looked at the rear view mirror, there is the ashen faced young man smiling at them....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back to the Roots

Late last week, out of the blue I was called to help with running a government subsidised course. Held over the weekend from 0800hrs. to 2200hrs. I was reluctant as I would normally want to be well prepared for any talks or lectures. The organisers assured me that all the materials were ready and that I would have no problem teaching these group. Since it was over the weekend and will be held in Langkawi (cheap ciggies...), I agreed.

The group of people turns out to be 30 boys and men who are mainly boatmen, boat operators and skippers. Those dealing with tourists understood a smattering of English, most do not, some have difficulty writing their own names. But they made up for these with their determination and eagerness to learn. Learn what ? They have been plying the island for years, what is there to learn ? To learn rules and regulations, to get licensed so that they would not be arrested or their boat - read livelihood - confiscated.

It was with great difficulty that I taught in Malay, much thinking was required to express maritime terms from English to Malay. It was exhilarating to be able to share what little I know with these people that we (my colleague and I) ended up extending classes well past midnight in response to their request. In those two days they have to learn compass and charts, rules of the road, light signals, basic communications, first aid, fire fighting and seamanship. Things which I myself learned more than a decade ago.

As I write this, they sms'ed saying that most had passed the orals exam with three of them having to re-do the exam this morning. I wish them luck and hope that they all get their license. It is their livelihood after all. With or without the license they will still operate the boat albeit the risk of being arrested or their boat confiscated...

UPDATE: I just received news that all of them manage to get their license. Augurs well with the spirit of the programme which is to license and regulate all maritime players. This feels good.

On another note, Idham has initiated a charity drive for which he will pay RM127 for each blogger that took part to an orphanage. Details here. Please support this noble effort, it only costs you time not money.

Monday, June 25, 2007


A simple BBQ by the beach during the MyStream gathering in Desaru. I just love the charred and burnt smell of meat and seafood. The cholesterol and uric acid level would probably shot off the scale because of this outing...

And, of course females will be females. Hankering for the microphone to satisfy their need to talk and talk some more. He he he...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jade Garden - Halal Chinese Seafood

Fried bean curd with vegetables in a light soy sauce. RM 16.00.

The star, the chili crab. RM 35.00 per kilo.

The scrumptious bun to dip in the chili crab sauce. Extremely addictive. RM 1.00 each, they gave us a steaming plate containing eight of these.

Kangkung belacan. One of the tastiest non spicy type, I normally like mine with a little bite of hot chili but these are fine. RM 8.00.

Bawal Pinang. Steamed pomfret. Fresh, firm and sweet. RM 50.00 per kilo.

Butter prawns, the crowd favourite. Delicious, I like it dipped in the spicy soy dipping sauce. RM 60.00 per kilo.

Crispy fried squid. The kids favourites, as you can see its going fast. These are just nice, crispy, tasty and not so oily. RM 16.00 per kilo.

A group of friends took me and the family to Sungai Rengit where the Jade Garden Restaurant is located. I don't exactly know where it is. Just get to Sungai Rengit and ask around. Its the only halal (so I was told) Chinese seafood there. Nothing fancy but the food is superb. The tauke proudly told us to look out for a feature on his restaurant which will be aired on RTM Chanel 1 on 1 July 2007.

There were 3 adults, a teenager and 2 kids at our table. We polished it all off and it cost us about RM 180.00. Definitely worth the trip.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Beginning and End of a Great Meal

The lobster that we can't afford...

All that remains from an excellent Halal Chinese seafood dinner.

This jug holds, without a doubt, the best lime juice I have ever had in a long time. Cleans the palate perfectly between dishes and very refreshing.

Foodie Anticipation

The cutlery, plates, glasses and napkins were put out. Little plates of sauces distributed. There we were nibbling the crunchy battered peanuts. All the while glancing at the waiters delivering steaming platters and getting mildly disappointed that they did not stop at our table.
The aroma and sight of dishes on the other tables lead us wonder if the right choice was made in our order. Should we have ordered that instead of those...
Waiting and choices, such sweet misery.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Real Poetry

First and foremost I hope that Abang Malaya and Kak Teh do not mind that I am doing a bit of cut and paste on the latest poem posted on her blog. It touches me so deeply and illustrates so well how I felt about Malaysia now. Its in Malay, apologies to those who does not understand the language but fret not, the exact sentiments is expressed by my nephew in the photo taken way back in 2003. Abang Malaya, whoever you are, I love your work and thank you for beautifully penning how I (and countless others...) feel about this country of ours.

abang malaya said...

Usah mengeluh wahai adikku
Hidup insan berlorong liku
Mohon saja pada Yang Satu
Pasti hidupmu mendapat restu.
Abang Malaya sangatlah murung
Rasa duka tidak terbendung
Mengenang nasib negara yang disanjung
Pelbagai berlaku tidaklah tertanggung.
Cerita terbaru tentang universiti Malaya
Tapaknya hendak dijual kepada yang kaya
Quek Leng Chan itulah namanya
Hendak dibuat projek raksasa.
Kalau betullah cerita ini
Hilanglah maruah satu negeri
Kerajaan nampaknya tak lagi peduli
Asal ada duit semua boleh jadi.
Abang bukan budak Universiti Malaya
Cuba nak masuk tapi tak diterima
Tapi abang tetap kasih dan cinta
Sebab UM itu ikon bangsa-negara.
Apa dah jadi abang tak tahu
Negara kita semakin celaru
PM hadhari dapat isteri baru
Rakyat jelata duk tungkat dagu.
Kalau diikut rasa hati
Abang Malaya pun rasa nak lari
Ikut adik Teh ke luar negeri
Hal Malaya tak mau ambil peduli.
Tapi abang ni dah tua
Dok di negeri orang nak buat
Depa pun bukan mau nak terima
Takut mati susah pula.
Tolonglah adik nasihat Pak Lah tu
Adik ada kuasa orang TV dan radio
Tolong bagi dia tahu
Rakyat la ni sangatlah keliru.
Dah banyak harta kita dia juai
Maruah negara pun dah tergadai
Orang dok buat kita macam keldai
Pasai kita perintah negeri tak pandai.
Janganlah marah kat Abang Malaya
Kepada Adik Teh curahkan rasa
Pasai tak tau dah nak pi mana
Hidup di Malaya la ni sangat merana.
Abang Malaya minta berhenti dulu
Dekat adik abang ingat selalu
Kepada yang lain pun macam tu
I'll always love all of you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My watch strap is broken as result of the impact of the accident this morning. The details is on my review site. What is planned as a review of the bike turns out to be something else. Sighhhh, the plans of mice and men...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Little Tykes





Photos by my daughter Aiman - she has an eye for composition, don't you think ?

Our little angels having fun in their trendy glasses... Now tell me, whom among the four that you think is the naughtiest of them all and who can shout the loudest ?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Parting Ways III

The weather has been brooding. The gloom and rain seem to be matching the mood that Jim is going through. It has been so bad that Kuala Lumpur experienced yet another flash flood. The infamous Smart Tunnel which is supposed to mitigate flood and traffic is not so smart after all. Its proponent blames clogged city drains. Yeah right, thought Jim. The plans of mice and men which the powers that be keep throwing curve balls at. Just like his life. On the upside, an unfortunate incident befalling his colleague took his mind off his own problems for a while. It was a tragic yet funny calamity. A new Honda Accord driven by his colleague's wife which was parked outside a shopping complex was submerged completely by the flash flood. The wife, in defence said that she is trying to save the RM 10.00 parking fee. A penny wise pound foolish move that is going to cost his colleague RM 20,000 to rectify.

The incessant splattering rain on his lanai brought Jim back to his thoughts as he reviews the weekend that will be ending in a few hours. It has been quiet. The kids cancelled their visit to him. Reason, the weather and rain will make it pointless as they will not be able to use the pool. Ahh, so it's the pool, not really to be with him then ? Jim smiled at that thought. The kids were just being practical, just like he does. He wouldn't know what to do if they were cooped up in the condo anyway. He is certainly not in the mood to drive anywhere as it is the school holidays and the highways will be jam packed, not to mention that no reservations has been made. Their family activities used to be out not in the house. The house is merely a place to rest and do the necessary. It's not that he doesn't miss them, he does, it's just that he needs time to adjust to his new life. He supposes his kids and ex-wife do too.

His plan to spend the weekend with the kids taking it easy in his condo, relaxing by the pool and sampling the nearby restaurants is busted. Yesterday and earlier today he just stayed in, watch TV, read a bit and review some work papers. Coffee and cigarettes became his faithful companion. Didn't get out of the building, did not even get in his car. Just lazing around immersed in empty thoughts. He was glad that it was not disrupted by the presence of the kids. Yet as the day is coming to a close accompanied by the rhythm of the falling rain, he suddenly misses and longed for their warmth and chatter. Especially the youngest, his princess and the middle one, his son. He could just imagine lounging with his princess on his lap and his son next to him in front of the TV before bed time. A ritual that he sadly acknowledges to be no more.

The eldest, being a teenager has her own life. He loves her but felt that it's best to provide guidance when necessary and let her make her own choices. His feelings for her is not as strong perhaps because the eldest was raised by his in-laws during those early years when he and his ex-wife were busy developing their careers and was travelling almost constantly. She never joins their daily ritual anyway as she does her girly things, her homework or her chatting in her room. Jim just couldn't understood whenever anyone says that you should love all your children equally and not to show any favouritism. How can you ? Even your parents you will love one more than the other.

For now, he could just imagine his princess asking his ex-wife about when daddy is coming home as she is wont to do whenever Jim went on one of his travels. He wished he could call and talk to her like he used too and humour her questions and hear her voice. But he dreads having to talk to his ex-wife for he is sure that it will be her who will pick up the phone. Nothing could be said now that will not be hurtful to either. Jim is just not in the mood to face that, not yet. For that he will endure the pain of missing his princess and prayed that she will still miss him tomorrow.

Fruits in the Night

And some of you were thinking of other types of "fruits" more suited with "night"... heh heh heh

Anyway, I need to put up this post to supersede the previous one. Even though the cat poop issue needed to be solved, I hated the illustration that came with it.

We stopped by one of the fruit stalls along the trunk road in Tangkak, Johor. This is the last stretch of road before joining the highway which will take us back to KL. These stalls used to be makeshift wooden/bamboo/canvas sort of construction. FAMA - the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority, a government agency had made moves to standardise them. They look much better, well lighted and more attractive now. Well done FAMA.

Of course, there are still a lot of improvement that can be done. Safety for instance. The last photo shows how precarious the position of customers and parked cars are against the zooming traffic on the straight road. Position blinkers a few meters before, along and after the stalls perhaps ?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cat Poop

My household is facing a problem. Smelly, ugly, revolting cat poop in our front yard. A couple months ago my neighbour adopted a cat, one cat which has now become 5. I love animals and don't mind the cats roaming my yard but of late they turn the place into their lavatory. This is annoying as the kids are even afraid to play on the swing for fear of the booby traps left behind by the cats. When they can't play outside, the ruckus they made inside get to my nerves. Imagine, at least four kids ranging from 2 to 12 in age at any one time. I bring them over if I am home to give my poor mother in law a break. In total there are 7 of them, 3 are mine while the other 4 are my nephews and nieces. I love them all but they sure can ransack the place and the noise they made either when they are jovially playing or ganging up against each other can really get to you.

Back to the cats, once they pooped on the driveway, I cleaned it up then sprayed a liberal amount of insecticide and they never did it again. The yard is a different matter. I tried spraying but it does not work. Hopefully you guys can give me some tips on how to manage the situation.

You might say, talk to the neighbour. True, but I don't have the heart to do so. You see, they are nice obliging neighbour and I am certain that they will have to get rid of the cat if I were to complain. I do not desire that as they are a childless couple. They treated the cat like their kids with names and all. Calling out every day when they reach home and at night before bed. Plus the fact that the arrival of the cats also reduced their own catfights, much less shouting matches that can be heard through the walls.

So, any practical advice ? Things to put in the yard to discourage the cats from pooping there ?

Five out of seven. Minus the eldest and the youngest. Can you imagine the energy that needs to be released from this bunch ?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Parting Ways II

There were no goodbyes. Jim had imagined a tearful and dramatic parting of ways when it comes the time for him to finally leave the house. There were none. His imagination remains an imagination. As he puts his final case and slam his car shut, he is undecided between sadness, anger and frustration at the whole situation. Sad as he feels that his going does not matter to his wife and kids, anger at the lack of emotion and frustrated that his parting expectations remains just that. Even his tears doesn't come. Just a gamut of emotions twisting and turning in his gut.

His wife just sat at the far end of the dining table, as far away from the door as possible, sipping her tea and stared into space. No emotion discernible from her. No words were spoken. The kids were nowhere to be seen. Jim knew they were in the house as he heard them yet he did not seek them out. Its just too much to deal with, unless if they were there when he started taking his things out. They were not. Perhaps the kids themselves do not want to face the situation. Perhaps the kids themselves thought better to just avoid the goodbyes.

Without a word, Jim pulled the door close behind him, starts the car and drove through the intricate custom made wrought iron automatic gate. The one that he spent a fortune to replace just a couple months ago. He felt empty as he passed the gate. His practicality shouted at him for wasting money on the gate. Yeah right. If only he can see the future. With that thought, he focused to the future. Going through a checklists of things that needed to be done for him to resume the single life which he left more than a decade ago. He had rented a three bedroom condo near his workplace. It had cost a bomb which he justifies as being within walking distance to his office. He needs to write to all the financial institutions on his change of address. He's undecided on what to do to all his wife's supplementary card. She never used it anyway but insisted on having it. Just for show, Jim assumed. Her credit rating is as good as his and she has her own line of credit. Maybe he will let her keep one, for emergencies and in good faith.

As he enters his new condo an overwhelming sense of relief came over him. The kind of relief that came after a difficult decision is made. Jim has always hated making decisions and the separation has been the most difficult one so far. Yet, it is done, now he is faced with its consequences. Picking up where he left off more than a decade ago. The condo came fully furnished, yet it felt empty. For it is only inanimate objects that greeted him. He took his suitcases and put them in the master bedroom. He did not bother to unpack. He has the rest of the week to do that. He has taken leave from work to sort out his new life, so no hurry. He went to the kitchen and put the kettle on. Open the larder and realised that he had not gotten any groceries. There's nothing in there except for a few bags of nescafe, instant soups and some crackers which the real estate agent had most likely, kindly provided.

Getting groceries, that will be a new experience that he will have to learn how to do for he fancies to cook for himself. But not now, now he just wants to do nothing. Its not just the groceries. He will have to get his phones connected, Internet line, cable TV and worst of all he will have to manage his laundry too. How he wished there are instant clothing, just wear and discard. The kettle came to a boil, he ripped open the nescafe bag and poured a sachet into a mug. Rummaged the drawers for a spoon and walked to the balcony, the agent called it "lanai", fancy name for a partially open structure jutting out from a building. He went back in to search for an ashtray as there were none on the balcony. Failed to find one he uses another mug as his ashtray. He lit his Marlboro Lights and inhaled deeply. Another habit which he is rediscovering after more than a decade. As he subsequently inhaled, the tobacco gave him a certain pleasant light headedness. Instant coffee and Marlboro brought him pleasure. He just sat there looking at nothing in particular. Even his thoughts seems to have abandoned him. Neither past nor future invaded his space. For that moment, its just him, the bittersweet nescafe and puffs of smoke from his smoldering cigarette.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Stones in Me

It was a few days after Aidil Fitri, the Muslim celebration after a month of fasting in Ramadhan. I woke up with an intense urge for the loo. Rushed in, got in position expecting relief but nothing happens. The pain nags, I push, nothing comes out, neither liquid nor solid. Sweat starts beading, cold sweat in the cool morning air. After some time, I gave up. Maybe the heavy, spicy, oily food yesterday is really screwing up my system. Get out and on reflex doubled up on the sofa. The pain is excruciating. Never had I chanted the name of Allah before in begging for mercy to be relieved of the pain that now felt as if its encircling my lower abdomen. Truthfully, chanting his name did bring some relief, lessening the stabbing pain. The wife and kids looked scared. I am unable to offer comfort as I am consumed in the pain.

A few minutes later, my brother in law arrive and took me to the emergency entrance of SJMC. The doctor attending to me at a glance knew what it was all about. He did not say anything though, most likely because he is a foreigner and me dressed in an old sarong and what used to be a white pagoda night shirt looked like someone who could not communicate in English. He did not bother and just gave me a magical injection that almost immediately took the pain away. A nurse then came and told my wife to have me registered and proceed to the clinic for a proper check up. The registration counter in as nice a manner as possible quoted RM4,000 deposit without which I will just have to pay for the jab that I have just received and would have to look for treatment elsewhere. We had all three kids there, all on my company GL and there I was being treated like unwanted trade. In all probability, it was because both of us really looked shabby and poor on that particular morning.

Manage to get things sorted out with the registration counter finally beaming a most wonderful smile after a GL is faxed from my office. Luckily the person responsible was in the office to do the necessary.

Went to the Clinic, was subsequently scanned and confirmed with stones in my kidney or was it in my bladder, anyway, its there and it needs to be removed. There are three options. One, have a tube inserted in my urinary tract. Two, have a minor incision on my back and a scope inserted or three blast the stones using sound waves. The doctor (who smelled heavily of cigarette smoke – reminding me that I haven't had my fix of the day yet) recommended option three. I was elated as I can't bear the thought of a tube going into me or being cut up no matter how small the incision will be. After all, how bad or painful can sound waves be, right ? Wrong, its not the sound itself but what it does that will be excruciating.

A nurse came to wheel me to the day ward while waiting for the procedure. After some time another nurse came, gave me a bunch of pills and told me to get into hospital gown. You know, the ridiculous ones that have strings at the back. She told me to take off everything, even dentures if I am wearing one.

"Everything ?".

" Yes, everything".

So, there I was buck naked underneath a flimsy gown with strings in the back and cold breeze blowing up my behind. Not a pretty situation nor sight that made.

Yet another nurse came and wheeled me to the operating room. Being fully conscious, I was amazed on entering the room as there's only one doctor and a young nurse who greeted me. The room looked more like part of a space ship to me. Screens and machines everywhere with a huge circular metal tub taking center stage. The nurse pulled away my blanket and asked me to take off my gown. As I was lying on my back, I sat up, untied the gown and just pull it off.

She gasped, "Mr. Noor, why are you naked ?"

At that point all my shrivelled bits just shrivelled further.

"But the nurse told me to take off everything."

"Well, never mind." She says and promptly throws a small towel over my midriff. The doctor was giggling in front of his monitor.

Here's a tip, if you have to do this keep your underwear on, make sure its clean and if possible new. For actual operations where they need to cut you up, take off everything. For this, no.

The nudity out of the way, she starts manipulating a harness that is attached to a hook which in turn is connected and forms part of a network of rails fixed to the ceiling. Its not a harness actually, more a skeletal seat. I was made to sit on it, with the towel covering my front and my bum open to the cold air again. The seat has metal strips with support for my head, shoulder, lower back, thighs, heel and feet. The rest is open to the elements. I was then secured with belts at all support points. It did cross my mind, hmmm sort of kinky. Naked, on a harness, being tied down...

Once that is done, the nurse again manipulated her remote control. The machines starts humming and purring and I began to rise and move towards the metal tub.

"The water is a bit warm, we will lower you slowly, tell us if its too hot."

That is just what they did. Ahhhhh, so nice to feel the warm water cover and protect me from the cold air in the room. Once I was properly positioned in the center of the tub with only my head above water, the nurse came, pulled the towel away and sticks those electrode wire thingies on me.

"OK, Mr. Noor, we will start soon, tell us if it gets too uncomfortable."

Without warning, the machine purrs again and suddenly two huge cylinders with diameters as big as a small scooter wheel came towards me and positioned itself on my sides. I swear that Star Trek came to mind – resistance is futile - no more kinkiness, just trapped in the machine. Once that is done I start hearing soft pinging noises not unlike the sounds of sonars in a submarine. The ones that I saw in the movies sounded like that anyway. As the ping grew louder, my skin starts tingling which progresses to feel like its being continuously pinched in rhythm with the pinging sound.

"OK, Mr. Noor, brace yourself."

Brace myself for what ? Its all a sort of pleasant sensation so far, warm bath, relaxing rhythm massaging my skin, imagination running wild...

As soon as this thought crossed my mind, the frequency of the sound intensifies and suddenly my body was jolted out of the harness at such a force that the restraining belt bit into my skin. But deep inside of me another pain is burning my senses. The sound has just blasted and exploded one of the stones that was inside my kidney/bladder.

The nurse came, gave me a jab, tighten my belts and say "OK, relax Mr. Noor."

And the machine again starts purring and humming trying to locate the next target. Once a stone is blasted, it broke into smaller pieces, the machine then targets these fragment to blast it into yet smaller and smaller pieces until it is of a size that can pass through when I urinate. Every time this happens, I will be jolted no matter how hard I try to anticipate and prepare for it, my vital signs go off the charts and the nurse will give me a jab which numbs the pain. This continue for about two hours. By the time I was off the tub, I was like a vegetable, unable to control any movement or even to move. All I remembered was that I was taken off the harness like a rag doll. Nudity, kinkiness, space adventures all gone. I was put back in the ward and left to rest for a couple hours.

Once I came to, I was given a drink and told to go to the toilet when I am ready. I did so with a nurse coming into the cubicle with me. Modesty prevails and I told her to wait outside. Another shocker, no wonder the nurse wanted to be there, the first shot of urine that hits the pristine white hospital toilet bowl shook me up that I nearly collapsed at its sight.

Not yellowish orange liquid that I was subconsciously expecting, instead it was dark red blood with blackish brown fragments of the stones splattering the white toilet bowl accompanied by bits and pieces of my tissues and flesh that was carved by the blasting. No pain though, just a shocking sight. I held on to the walls to keep from collapsing.

A week later, I had to do it again as the first round did not totally clear all the stones, thinking that I have been through it before, I was prepared. Boy, was I wrong, the second time was worst. Perhaps the wounds from the earlier blasting had not yet healed. The pain was doubled, at least. The cost ? About RM4,500 for the first blast with a 30% or is it 40% discount for the second one as it was done immediately after the first.

Once you had the stones, it will come back approximately every four years. In my case, this holds true and last year when it came, I decided to try a different solution. It worked. No pain, low cost, but that's another story.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Bugs I love.

I just love spiders. This little guy was on the sleeve of a friend - before he jumps around trying to get it off him.

This bigger one is hanging on its web waiting for prey. If you look closely there's a few little fly or some kind of insects already trapped on its web.

This huge beetle is prone to turning turtle. Pity the poor guy, I just can't help but assist them to get upright again which reminds me of the story about the guy who keeps throwing starfish back into the sea.

In that story, there is a season when there are thousands of starfish being washed ashore. This guy walks along the beach, picks up one and throws it back into the sea. Someone asked him why is he doing such a futile thing ? There are thousands of them and he surely will not be able to rescue all if that was his intention. To this, his response was, yes, there are thousands but at least there is the one that lives because I pick it up and throws it back into the sea... Just like Pi I suppose.

Sometimes, sometimes dealing with animals is easy. Their intentions are clear and there's no hidden agenda. Humans (well they appear to be) are another story. Full of hidden agendas, self importance and grandiose ambitions. I don't mind if they are smart, will even support them in their quest but those who thinks that they are smart, who delegates blame, demands respect (it is supposed to be earned) and talks without substance, pttthhhh.

That's why I love bugs I guess.