Monday, June 18, 2007

Foodie Anticipation

The cutlery, plates, glasses and napkins were put out. Little plates of sauces distributed. There we were nibbling the crunchy battered peanuts. All the while glancing at the waiters delivering steaming platters and getting mildly disappointed that they did not stop at our table.
The aroma and sight of dishes on the other tables lead us wonder if the right choice was made in our order. Should we have ordered that instead of those...
Waiting and choices, such sweet misery.


J.T. said...

Sometimes we end up saying "I want what they are having." :D

Apandi said...

Its not sometimes, its always...always he he he

IRLAN said...

All these from your compact Canon?
Wow... I'm amazed what end result it produces!

Oh yeah... I found out that the lobster costs RM80 per kilo.

Average cost per table was RM138... cheap maaaa!

Apandi Reviews said...

irlan, its not the size...kah kah kah

anyway our table was RM180 - the chili crabs. we definitely must do it again.