Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cat Poop

My household is facing a problem. Smelly, ugly, revolting cat poop in our front yard. A couple months ago my neighbour adopted a cat, one cat which has now become 5. I love animals and don't mind the cats roaming my yard but of late they turn the place into their lavatory. This is annoying as the kids are even afraid to play on the swing for fear of the booby traps left behind by the cats. When they can't play outside, the ruckus they made inside get to my nerves. Imagine, at least four kids ranging from 2 to 12 in age at any one time. I bring them over if I am home to give my poor mother in law a break. In total there are 7 of them, 3 are mine while the other 4 are my nephews and nieces. I love them all but they sure can ransack the place and the noise they made either when they are jovially playing or ganging up against each other can really get to you.

Back to the cats, once they pooped on the driveway, I cleaned it up then sprayed a liberal amount of insecticide and they never did it again. The yard is a different matter. I tried spraying but it does not work. Hopefully you guys can give me some tips on how to manage the situation.

You might say, talk to the neighbour. True, but I don't have the heart to do so. You see, they are nice obliging neighbour and I am certain that they will have to get rid of the cat if I were to complain. I do not desire that as they are a childless couple. They treated the cat like their kids with names and all. Calling out every day when they reach home and at night before bed. Plus the fact that the arrival of the cats also reduced their own catfights, much less shouting matches that can be heard through the walls.

So, any practical advice ? Things to put in the yard to discourage the cats from pooping there ?

Five out of seven. Minus the eldest and the youngest. Can you imagine the energy that needs to be released from this bunch ?


J.T. said...

My brothers have the same problem with our neighbour's cat. I am not sure if they have done anything about it. On my last trip home, my sister and I caught the cat doing it right in the middle of our garden at mid-noon. How shameless is that?? Not even afraid of the humans standing around and watching. :D
I am waiting to see if anyone does have any practical advice. I will pass it on to my brothers, if they have not taken any action yet.

Apandi said...

Perhaps cats are the real born exhibitionists heh heh heh

Yup, lets wait for some tips on how to discourage the cats from using the yard.

Andres Carl Sena said...

where's the scatologist?

Apandi said...

andres, nice to see you again. scatologist or shitcatologist heh heh heh

Yang bernama Siti said...


I do not know if you would like to try this.

My friend did this to her cat who likes to poop everywhere it pleases.

She rub the cat's face onto the poop and warned the cat not to do it again. The cat never did. Maybe you can try that.

Apandi said...

ybs, hmmm maybe worth a try, tapi rasa macam tak sampai hatilah pulakkkkk.