Monday, January 14, 2008

A whirlwind eating err BUSINESS trip to KB...

Events dictate that my team and I have to be in Kota Baru at very short notice to attend to some urgent matters. We left in two cars from KL at the stroke of midnight upon completing the days work. The first car left from the office after planning for a meet somewhere on the way. I have to wait for a colleague coming off duty to accompany me in my car.

I have been to most place in Malaysia and I will get there however, I have this tendency to lost my bearing and end up elsewhere before finally getting to the destination. This is a well known fact to the team hence, the escort that came with me. Prior to proceeding I asked him to give me the way points, he said - head for toll Gombak and drive straight on - which I promptly did as he quickly fell asleep.

The bright lights of Kuala Terengganu is the first thing that jolted him and brought me to the realisation that I must have missed some turning somewhere as we are now in Cherating whilst the rest of the team was already in Gua Musang....

It was an excellent drive nonetheless.

We arrive an hour later than the first car. After freshening up I was taken for some nasi kerabu daging bakar and kopi kampung. Excellent beginning. We came back satiated and decided to have a couple hours sleep prior to attending to business.

Upon waking up the stomach grumbles yet again thus a trip to Nasi Kak Wok. A simple dish of white rice with smashed chicken curry, fried chicken pieces and sambal. Scrumptious mid morning snack.

This was followed by lunch at Nasi Chikgu. A spread of Kelantanese dishes with crispy fried ikan sembilang/keli as the specialty. I don't normally like catfish due to its close resemblance to snakes but this time the taste overrides the looks. Best of all, for the whole team with some kids thrown in, another five or six dishes, jugs of juice and rice only cost us RM60.

Afternoon snack - kuih akok. Don't be misled, its only eaten in the car on the way to one of the favourite eating places which I am finding hard to recall as I forgot to charge the battery for the camera.

Fishball sate by the beach in Bachok. RM2 gave you a whole bunch with a choice of either sweet or spicy sauce. Washed down with cool coconut juice.
For dinner we headed to White House Coffee in town. An old establishment run by a couple who still man the till and whip up the drinks themselves. Starters consists of home made toast with soft boiled eggs - gee sounds like breakfast - followed with a small packet of nasi dagang and nasi berlauk. Finished with one of the best thick coffee.

There were a lot of empty plates and we were satiated.
Oh, business gets done too.

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