Saturday, February 09, 2008

Welcoming the Rat

It was the eve of the new year, most of the gang have gone back to their hometown. Leaving some of us to wrap up work that needed to be done. The weather was pissing. Dark, gloomy and wet. Zack needed to do some last minute shopping for his in-law, so in the rain we headed to Subang Parade in the new Hi-Lux. Parking was easy, bays were aplenty. Put on the steering lock and only then did the driver realise that the keys to that steering lock was in another car...

Calls were made, shopping done and the stomach grumbles. While waiting for the keys to be delivered we had our new years eve dinner...

Only the lemon lime brulee was up to par. Great with black coffee and ciggies. The rest is watered down soup base, fish that tasted old and sauces that is bland. What a start.

Have a good year anyway, may the rat bring you health, wealth and happiness.

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