Thursday, April 22, 2010

Equipment Failure - Thomson Stem

I love this stem. Noticed it yesterday. I emailed Thomson, lets see what they say. Would also like to hear opinions from my local consultant [Dee ?] heh heh.


Dee Mohamed said...

whoa! thomson is the king of stems and seatposts, and you managed to crack one? not really sure, but i'm guessing over tightening of the stem face bolts play a role. things on handlebar shouldn't be over tightened to avoid them breaking on impact. good practice to give a bit of slack and tighten them from time to time rather than giving them the death grip and forget about them.
in usa, thomson will replace failed component without question f.o.c. i'm not sure their dealers practice here..
anyhow, i guess it's good timing for you to catch up with the rest of the world and use 31.8mm 'oversized' handlebar and stem. ha ha..

Jamal said...

Hebat...hebat...sangat hebat! Long time no see capt.

Apandi said...

Menda yang hebatnya, nak keluar duit lagi... Anyway good to hear from you. Dengarnya UIA nak set up oceanography center, tak nak pakai aku ke heh heh.