Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little voice...

A little voice said to me, its time for you to go. Are you ready ? And I said "Is anyone ever ready ? No, I am not. My mother is still grieving over a lost child. Please spare her the agony."

Without a word nary a whisper, the little voice left me.


I was deeply touched by your call. Truly, it was not my intention to raise alarm nor cause you concern. I was merely expressing a recent thought, an event which I do not want to forget. Fret not as I think the little voice speaks to all of us. Most do not want to listen or fail to listen due to life's distraction.

The kids, spouse, toys, cars, hobbies, activities took much effort leaving scarce resources for the individual. A Muslim prays five times a day. What exactly is he/she doing ? Reciting prayers while worrying about the day's work ? An atheist meditates, for what purpose ?

I do not want to babble. Just take care and find some time for yourself. Ponder your thoughts and maybe just maybe you can hear the little voice.

Foot Note: Guys, I have not gone nuts, not yet ;)

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BalancingAct said...

I hope you at least have your nuts still!