Tuesday, March 04, 2008

FE not ED

Failure to ejaculate not erectile dysfunction. Scary male topic.

FE may seem to be ideal at first glance as opposed to PE - premature ejaculation, however continued occurrence may lead to frustrations and depression on the male. FE may be brought about by stress, food and most likely the intake of wrong mix of supplements and medications. Most likely to be experienced by males over 40 or those that think that they are coming down from the peak.

The cure may include corrective diets, stress relieve and therapy.

Why am I posting about this ? Been there done that. Am just trying to say that it may seem to be the end of the world while you were in the thick of it (it really is), but its not. Take care guys.


den said...

I've been doing some research after our "conversation" the other day.

"Scary" and "Dilemma" are the right words to use after i saw few of those step by step pictures and some write up

Look like we need to postpone our "appointment" until i could brave myself "to do it".

Hehe...can one think about football while doing "it"?

Dee said...

Most likely above 40, but not always.
I was a weekend husband approaching 35 when I had similar problem. Maybe anxiety was very high, maybe jugak stress and guilt. Weekend husband la katakan..

Yup, frustration was high. Worse, not on me alone.
Anyhow, it went away naturally. What a relief..

Apandi said...

den, whenever you're ready...

dee, once its gone there's a tendency to keep testing just to make sure that its really gone, he he he...

Dee said...

Ha ha..

You know what..
Nowadays, sometimes I get 'Did you?' everytime the session's over.
Loqlaq betul.. but I guess she just wanna make sure.

Apandi said...

Woi, woi, kang kena sensor kang...