Friday, January 23, 2009


I was here decades ago with a close buddy of mine. A stopover after a gruelling tour of Phuket and Haadyai. Those were the times. Recently, an opportunity presented itself which brought me back. I thought a chalet will cost about RM30/40 but one with air conditioning now cost RM80. Basic and was not very well maintained.

The beach is still the same though not as pristine as I remembered it. A bit more debris strewn about. Though the most disturbing is the presence of dogs. I have nothing against dogs or any other animals for that matter, but when they roam around everywhere its a bit disconcerting. Especially those moving in packs.

Quaint scene in the morning of local fisherman tending to their nets.

Amazingly, the place seems to have an active surfer community. All in all it was a pleasant stay but unlike decades ago, I don't think I would rush there again anytime soon.

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