Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Playing with light - OMD EM5

Old habits die hard....never did actually. Years ago I abandoned my DSLR, skipped photography for a bit, used point and shoots for a while and suddenly the itchiness came back. Caused by a glimpse on Flipboard of the OMD EM5. Taken by its size, technology and retro looks I got one as a birthday gift to myself (just to justify the spending... :-p). Its feels good and I do still enjoy making pictures.

Reading provides inspiration and reminder on forgotten skills and the joy of capturing a moment in time. The clincher for this pretty little piece of equipment is its weather sealing characteristics. No more hiding from the rain. Its going on my bike rides and walks by the beach. No bag necessary. It can take the mud, lashings of rain and the wet monsoon season.

At the end of the day, reviewing those shots became a form of therapy. However, photography as an endeavor has a serious consequence for me as I am prone to GAS, not the smelly kind - gear acquisition syndrome. This has reared its ugly head - the OMD EM1 is now in the Malaysian market....

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