Friday, July 20, 2007

Kacang Putih - white nuts ?

I have no idea why its called kacang putih, literally translated "white nuts". Its actually spicy savoury snacks of Indian origin consisting of what else but various types of nuts, crisps and savoury concoctions. In the olden days, for me that's the 70's when I was a little boy back in Tampin Linggi, I used to ask, beg or throw a tantrum to get some of. Back then it came in paper cones made of old newspapers or magazines - Majalah Hiburan - with pictures of people dressed in ridiculous wide collars, bell bottomed pants and platform shoes.

Anyway, back to current times, I met this vendor recently whom I am certain will be a success. Just like the olden days, his stall is mobile, well perhaps better than the old rickety bicycles and a crate to pile the goodies on. Same mode none the less. Being mobile, he chose a very strategic location. Near the ATM machines during salary season. He's friendly and flashes a smile to everyone. Does not seem to mind if you just want to take a peek, offers bits to taste and still smiles if you did not buy anything.

The clincher was the fact that he offers a bag for RM2 but buy 3 mixed bag for only RM5. Its not so much the offer, but the way he executes them. It is very hard to resist. Totally in contrast to the posh, rude "Chef" that I posted about recently.

Alas, the kacang putih came in plastic bags not in paper cones... Good luck Macha.


J.T. said...

It is easy to like and respect this macha - service with a smile.
Posh does not mean that person has class (read: rude chef).

Anyway, I remember those nuts being sold in paper cones (gazillion moons ago). When I was working in KL, I used to get a packet after lunch (not often, though) for snacking at my office desk. Those nuts can be addictive (just like some ... of the human kind!) ;)

IRLAN said...

Capt. there is such thing as a kacang putihlah dei... so easy to spot them - they're white!

Thus, it's called kacang putih and the seller is called the kacang putih man.

Apandi said...

yes but only one or two are white, the rest are mostly brownish - why not kacang coklat or kelabu instead of putih ? why lah deiii ?

ross said...

kacang putih ka..kacang brownish ka... kacang mas jugak yg best.

Apandi said...

Betullll, kacang putih MAS memang the best.

ross said...

capt i got few packet of mas peanuts with me just for you.. next tt i'll bring it.