Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back on the Water

Time to think.
Aim for something else and you may get another thing altogether.

Now that I am in a different line of work, I am beginning to appreciate the term "24 hours is not enough". Of course some might quip, you are just bad at time management aren't you ? I could agree with that, except my point is that you never truly understand anything until you experience it yourself. The 24 hour phenomena is made worst when its not just your time that you have to manage but the time of others who most likely will have a different understanding on the concept of punctuality.

Anyway, when there is a little room to think I have been mulling over Jim's story. The prequel comes to mind. How he began, before the separation that leads him to finding peace in putrid cigarette smoke infused with coffee on the balcony of his apartment. Well, perhaps when I have time. In the mean time, I'll just post some photos to fill the gap. There are stories to tell.


J.T. said...

So what work are you doing now? :)

Looking forward to a prequel of Jim's story.

lady macleod said...

Oh I am pea green with envy! The boat looks fabulous and those in dock are splendid. sigh, I miss going out on the boat... soon perhaps.

Thank you for sharing the great photographs.

If 24 hours is not enough, that most likely means you are really living your life!

Anonymous said...

beautiful Pic.

Apandi said...

Thanks, thought I could do more personal writing on quitting the 9 - 5, but noooo. Am enjoying it though.