Monday, July 16, 2007

Opposites Attracts

The grand and the mediocre separated by a narrow river and most likely a huge bank balance.

The opulent and the poor. Different banks (river & money), different style.

Upper and lower middle class ?

Housing for the masses.

Just some interesting scenes that I captured on a lazy Sunday afternoon drifting up and down the river. Feel free to make your own observations, analysis, opinions or thesis.


Mat Salo said...


Senyap-senyap pi Kuching tak singgah Balikpapan eh?

Tell us more, Cap't.

In the early nineties, due to gomen protocol, my wife who was pregnant with our first child at the time was transferred to her bank's HQ in Jln Satok, Kuching.

I was 1000 km away in Miri so I often had to fork my own money to fly to Kuching.

But the obsevation I made at the time was: Wow, this really is nice...and certainly a good place for retirement. Dunno, it's got a certain charm for me.

Hope to visit there again someday.

J.T. said...

Interesting photos. I wonder what kind of lives goes on inside those homes i.e. opulent vs. poor.

Apandi said...

ms, the place is nice and one of the cleaner cities in Malaysia.

jt, I imagined the poor to be quite happy and contented just to have a meal together while the opulent will be jetting around and worried about their safety, market trends, interest rates, their health, bla bla bla

Puteri said...

Kuching? No wonder the scene looked familiar.

The residents of river banks used to be poor kampung folks. But now, Kuchingites and probably elsewhere in Malaysia too, know the value of water front property. Soon there will no longer be poor people living along the river because their land will be bought over by the tycoons and politicians. And all we will see in future are the huge mansions owned by said rich and influential people.