Sunday, September 02, 2007

Miss You Guys

Went over to a dear friend's blog this morning. It just crossed my mind, wondering whats going on in her life. That particular post of hers about a recent visit to Seremban made me really miss their company. They started out as my then girlfriend's chums. Back when I was still in tight jeans and many kilos less. As me and girlfriend's relationship worked out to marriage, they became my good friends too. Somehow as the years go by, we became constrained by time. Me constantly travelling, my wife jumping from job to job, kids growing up, family and relatives demanding attention. It robs us of the precious weekends that could be used to hang out with those guys.

I miss those times when all we would do is eat, watch TV, gossip, laze around and relax. At first I was saddened by the fact that we were not invited for this recent Seremban get together, but then reality kicks in. Even if we were, it would be nigh impossible to fulfill. I suppose after one too many decline, they might just as well let us be. Perhaps one day, when we get our time back, I'll make sure that my wife and I will hunt them down again. In the mean time, take care guys.


den said...

kelakar sungguh kawe "dear friend's blog"

wan to meet her personally if i had the chance

ooops OT skit

Apandi said...

Boleh, dekat rumah ko je rumah dia...tapi aku pun tak sempat jumpa lagi...