Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A woman's scorn

I received a disturbing phone call early this morning. A cry for help and desperate need to share her troubles. It came from Sim, a character whose story I posted some time back. I thought that after all this time, things would have settled somewhat. I was wrong.

He has another woman, an Indonesian whom he showers with money. I can't keep this to myself anymore. Please help me.

Huh ?

That old bastard is two timing me. I thought he is just getting bored with our lives but no, he is enjoying his other life. He ignores us, ignores his daughters, seldom comes back. We are reaching our twilight years. We have shared so much together. This should not be happening. When he didn't visit me in hospital I thought he was busy, when he didn't join the kenduri, I thought he was busy. It was with that bitch. What should I do ?

Come on, we have talked about this before. At this age, with his looks, do you still want him ?

He is mine. How can I let it go just like that ? He ignores us and now he only gives me RM20 per day for expenses. Why should I suffer like this ?

I don't know what to think or say, just seek solace from god.

Please find someone (witch doctor) who can help me. Just destroy them. If I am to suffer then he should too. Please, I have my savings. Use that, just help me to find someone who can do this for me.


She was crying at certain parts of the conversation. I could feel her pain and desperation but what can I do ? Even if I could, I don't think I would like to be involved. I am just an observer and Sim is just paying for her deeds. I still fail to understand why she still wants him. Why keep something that you already despise, that bring hurts and pain whenever in sight ? Would it not be easier to just let go and get on with whatever life she has left ? I have told her this, but my words seems to be hitting a brick wall.

Please, don't tell me about feelings, its only so much that feelings could fulfill. It won't stave your hunger would it ?


IRLAN said...

Itu indon sudah mandrem sama dialah.

BTW the way... is that a rambutan? Reminds me of your new hairstyle... hehehe...

J.T. said...

You wrote: "Would it not be easier to just let go and get on with whatever life she has left?"

It would seem easier but everyone is made up differently. Some hang on because they do not want to give up the years they invested in the relationship. I really do not know why people do the things they do.

To me, if a relationship is not worth salvaging anymore, it is best to end it.

kc said...

some women prefer to stay married in abusive marriages is because they could not face the stigma of being divorced. here in m'sia women who carry the title janda are forever looked down by society.

and i believe a lot of women hang on not because they love their husbands very much ( i doubt so) its because they love their children so much more. they do not want their children to lose a father or more importantly a breadwinner in the family more so if the wife is a homemaker. so they'd rather suffer in silence than let the children go in hunger

ross said...

easy to say than done,only the person who went through it know how it feels.
fr experience never get involve in others marriage problem bcoz who knows esok or tonite they will make up through sweaty exercise that marriage used to do and after that they forget and forgive but you... stuck in the middle and become the bad person as human we all mudah lupa...

Apandi said...

lan, ko bior betul, rambutan pun tak kenal.

jt, sighhhhhh.

kc, I agree with you totally. But bear in mind, its not the the wife, some husband suffers in silence too...

ross, ya betulll. kan main bersemangat hang, macam pernah kena jerr he he he.