Friday, December 28, 2007

Farewell gift from 2007

Woman drivers.... what can I say ? My dear wife says that the gate post came at her too fast that she did not have time to react. The gate post is definitely to blame !!! Luckily no one, especially the kids were hurt in this mishap. Oh, and she is definitely not getting the keys to the GTI...

Temporary measures to take it to Ah Chiew's workshop in Subang Jaya. Nice guy Ah Chiew, good workmanship and reasonable price. He repaired the bumper, replaced the grill and painted the thing for RM1,000.00. A new bumper from Honda would cost twice as much, to seek one from the cut shop is nigh impossible as its a relatively new model.


suhaimi said...

saya nak kunci GTI boley?

Mat Salo said...

Err bro'.. you sure good ol' wifey don't read your blog? She's gonna grab those GTI keys for sure now! Ha ha ha. But I thot' this thing already happened sometime way back? Hmmm, I remember one time a buddy was in the throes of exaggerating an accident story when he inadvertently said, " Eh lembu tu lari 80 puluh". Must be a land speed record for a bovine, eh?

Anyway, Happy New Year, dude!