Monday, December 31, 2007

Marking the passing of time...

Another half hour or so and 2007 will be no more. The new year beckons with new hopes and promises. As I sit here in front of the new wide screen LCD watching a concert telecast live, I can't help but wonder, where have I been and where am I going ? Blergghh, too deep that it gave me a headache.

2007 has been a year littered with personal markers the most significant of which being the fact that I forgo the safe and secure salaried life to delve into the commercial world. It was and still is a scary proposition. Why did I do it ? There was a push factor, there was a pull factor and then there was also a bit of escapism thrown in for good measure. All three factors contributed to the change.

It has been a quarter year and I am still grappling for a secure foothold. Hopefully 2008 will see me finding that secure footing. What else ? Hmmm, 2007 has also shown me how unpleasant it was to be the object of an obsession. The bitterness of unwanted adulation and attention.

My plan to write is still on hold - even the update of this blog is sporadic. My photography is also on hold. There just isn't the luxury of time to indulge. On a positive note, I did manage to sweat a bit more, though the mountain bikes are still gathering dust.


elviza said...

Dear Apandi,

Happy New Year.

You wrote - my plan to write is still on hold. Well, thats the 2 of us. IT has been on hold for farrrrrr to long.

Good year ahead of you my friend

Mat Salo said...

Haha.. my sis Elv dah datang.

Apa nih? "...bitterness of unwanted adulation and attention?". Wanna blog about it? Bro' I'd give an arm and a leg to be that object. As it is, I'm a constant object of ridicule. I'm praying that my soon-to-be two-year (only) daughter would grow up to hold me in high esteem, while naik esteema kot? Haha.

Wow... New widescreen TV! is this already reviewed in Everyday Things? OK my resolution is also to get off my ass to get fitter. Confirm. Next time I come back we wipe the dust of the Santa Cruz's, pump some air and let's go ride, ya'hear? Bike carrier ada lagi tak?