Tuesday, April 01, 2008


There's only so much you can say or do to influence an event, a person or a situation. What most people fail to realise is the fact that once they have said or done to the best of their ability or know how, it is time to just sit back and let it roll. Accept whatever is the outcome, rejoice if its what you envisioned it to be or learn from it if it is not. This is acceptance.

Why ? Well, at this stage of my life, acceptance comes easier and I find it refreshing. Similarly, you can only care so much, love so much, after a point we all need to move on. In the end game its only you and god after all. I have also learned that the more you rely on people the more susceptible you are to being disappointed, to being hurt. You need to learn to look out for yourself. There will come a time when its just you and yourself. When everyone else is busy, when events seems to have exclude you, when time moves without you. And that will be the point when you need your own company.

Just don't go crazy over it OK.


den said...

I fully agree with what you have mentioned but I'm eager to know the part 2 or part 3 of you previous blog.

Topics like A Woman Scorn, Dick & Jane...do i have sit back a little bit long to see it roll?

Apandi said...

Errr, wait laaa when I have the time and inspiration. Glad you liked it...