Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Waiting and Deciding.

One of my biggest peeves, waiting. Made worse by the fact that in some situations, you don't even know what you are waiting for. You do have a rough idea like in the case of the taxi driver, but will the wait be worth it or will it be a terrible passenger...

Sometimes, you do not want to wait but events leads you to consciously decide to wait for some other event that may lead to change which you hope will be better.

Sorry, just rambling. The path is in sight, do I wait or go ahead ?

From Auntie Kodok and BlogThings. Interesting !!!

You Were a Fox

A good observer, you often watch others while remaining unseen.
Cunning and courageous, you also have a gentle side.

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Daphne Ling said...

Came from Raden's blog. You know, I have to agree...I hate waiting...Especially if we made an appointment and the person just comes very late, with nary a word of apology. I mean, ok, 5 minutes is ok, so is 15...
But if you're going to be an hour late, you should have the courtesy to leave a note, no?
I was in my brother's school the other day to help the debate team, and the boys kept me waiting for an hour and a half! After the hour and a half, they strolled in like some big bosses, slumped down, and said selamba-ly: Sorry...late...I blew my top!
I mean, hello? You were a few floors down...Couldn't you at least send a messenger to say you'll be running late?
So, yes, I hate waiting like an idiot...;)