Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adult class...

Actually it was a Hari Raya Gathering organised by Masjid Al-Hidayah, Kelana Jaya. It was held in a classroom and there was a lecture as part of the event. Its quite amusing to see ol.. ehem mature persons sitting in classroom chairs with some tending to nod off despite the interesting topic of proper diet and healthy lifestyle for senior citizens.

It truly was a very informative lecture presented by Dr. Azman from Hospital Serdang. It made me think that to be truly safe in our diet, we would have to grow and prepare the food ourselves. Nothing is guaranteed anymore and the melamine tainted milk is proof of that. Milk, supposed to be the healthiest of food turns to poison because of human greed.

Anyway, a new book of which I am partly involved in its preparation is out. Check out this link for details. Not just for mariners but could be useful for anyone who would like to understand how ships are navigated at sea.

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david santos said...

The population is very good for all that the citizens oldest participate together with new. This is a good initiative.