Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just being morbid...

I am certain quite a few will be put off by this post. Apologies, am just continuing the seemingly morbid ideas that goes through my head in recent times. The sequence of pictures seems to dictate a path soon to be trodden. The discarded coffin, the plots reserved for adults and the innocent exit sign losing innocence due to its placement.

Anyway, I am winding down a special day - according to my kids - my birthday. I don't subscribe to celebrating it as to me its just a passing of time which coincided with the day I was brought into this world. Got quite a few things done today. Highlight of which is my first ever organic lunch courtesy of Den. Was quite good and should have a camera with me. A tad more pricey but worth it. Never imagined that brown rice served with veggies could taste so refreshing and good.

To those who sent their best wishes, by mail (mainly the banks and businesses...) and sms, thank you. To those who forgot, no worries, I prefer not to be reminded that I am getting ever closer to my exit point. To the few friends whose birthday falls within a few days of mine, may your coming years be a thousand times better, healthier and happier. Happy Birthday ;)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweety!