Thursday, October 30, 2008


Sometimes in the darkest hour we forget the simple things that surround us. We overlook the little details that may bring relief and joy even for a fleeting moment. Focus on the dark and be blinded or seek the specks of light that bring hope. Hope, after all is one thing that all of us have a lot of.

Currently at least two of my close friends is in the midst of preparing to go for Hajj. The annual pilgrimage has begun. Getting news of their pending departure struck a chord in me. A tinge of jealousy perhaps because its not me that is going. The Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam. I just want to get it done yet have not. Why ? I am the type who likes to get things done and over with. Like paying the bills once it arrived - unlike my other half - well that's a contentious story by itself. So, 5 pillars, 4 done, 1 left. To appease my mind, I have been to Mecca 3 times. For Umrah, the voluntary (is this the right term for sunat ?) not mandatory visit.

Since the first Umrah I kept telling myself that I will come for the Hajj, yet god in his ways invited me back for the 2nd and 3rd Umrah. So, for now, hope and wait. Inshaallah. To those going - lambailah kami yang tinggal ni.

A parcel arrived yesterday. It contains a book, a tangible output from 2007. Details and short review here.

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