Sunday, October 26, 2008

RC helicopter

It started as a meet over laksa and satay. The menu expanded to include thick lamb soup with bread, roti jala with chicken curry, trifle, pudding, cake, kuih and numerous other that I can't recall because its just too varied and I did not taste them all.

Accompanied by cold drinks, hot drinks and ENO for my dear bloated friend who has to fly off to another engagement tonight. Then Anuar came and the story revolves around his hobby - radio controlled helicopters. It was interesting but expensive. Then again, I presume not as expensive as keeping a mistress, ahem...

The ground briefing to a very attentive audience followed by...

...some practical, technical lessons. Notice the guy in white trying to figure out the black box...

Wooohoooo, actual flight.

Higher, further and faster.

Demo over, dismantling for storage. The battery pack only lasts for about 10 minutes of flight. Need to fly for half hour ? Prepare 3 fully charged battery pack. Err, a pack costs RM180.00.

Back into its custom made storage case.

Fully taken in future pilots all nagging their pa and ma for a helicopter of their own. Thanks to Anuar. Thanks to Dee and family for being a super host with super food and super company.

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Dee said...

Next time let's go somewhere Nuar can demonstrate his 4' heli.

What? did someone say bbq lamb?

Thanx for the good time yesterday, guys.