Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Bikes

Scooters actually.

I nearly hit a biker last night. It was dark and rainy as I waited to join the main road from a side junction. There were few cars as it was a bit late. Since it was a one way double lane main road, all I had to do was look out for cars coming from the right. Saw a couple waited till the last one passed and slowly entered the main road - it was dark and I was driving the small Viva. I had to slam on the brakes as suddenly this bike was inches away in front of my car. The biker wobble a bit, perhaps he was as surprised as I was. He slowed down and gave me the dirty look, I just raise my hand apologetically. I really did not see him, unlike my bike accident.

The thing is this, all bikers please be aware its very hard for drivers to see you on a dark rainy night especially if you follow a bigger vehicle closely. The lights from the brighter bigger vehicle will obscure the puny light from your bike. You, the biker should really look out instead of thinking or hoping that drivers will look out for you. After all if a car/lorry came into contact with a bike, which do you think will suffer more ?

Stop being an idiot and look out for yourself. I know because I ride too.

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