Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cars - then to now...

I am 44 today, I don't "turn", I just am. Strange, I don't feel 44 and hope I don't look 44 either, heh heh.

As I sit here trying to do work, the thought of reminiscing took me away from work that I am supposed to be doing. Took out the portable hard drive, rummage through folders and looked at the milestones - cars. Machines that gave mobility hence freedom to move.

My first car was a Subaru Van, a small loaf of bread looking machine with three cylinders. I bought it right after my father had an accident for the purpose of replacing his bike. He did not use it. I used it for a while and it was painful to sell. Up to a point a used car dealer told me to torch it and claim insurance instead. But, with the help of my dearly departed my father in law, it was replaced by the Proton Saga.

BCT 8113 similar as the one above. Mine was all kitted up with sports rim and trimmings of sportiness back then. It was a hoot zipping along the back roads in Melaka. It was replaced by the Honda Civic. A modern car which I liked. No pictures though.

The Civic was replaced by the Accord. Among the first batch produced in Malaysia. Problematic from day one. Door trims that does not match the rest of the interior, inability to fill fuel - apparently they fit the fuel valve backwards - missing screws on the visor. It was fixed after numerous visits to Honda. Such a hassle.

The reconditioned CRV. I enjoyed this car.

Sadly, it was totaled in an accident.

Replaced for a while by a Perodua Kelisa. Another fun little car.

Which in turn was replaced by the 1.4 iDSI Honda Jazz. Excellent fuel economy and quite fun to drive.

By this time my wife needed a car. We bought this Hyundai Atoz instead of the Kenari. A stupid mistake. The driving position is rubbish and it drinks fuel like crazy.

Both were replaced by the Honda Stream. Ahhhh, which caused me to join the myStream group and made some cool and good friends. It was a good car. I presume because it was made in Japan.

We also got another Honda Jazz. This time with the 1.5 iVTEC engine. Great little car. Spacious and fun.

Traded up to the Golf GTi Mk V. The best drivers car. Loved it.

The second Honda Stream. Crap build quality. Not as good to drive as the first Stream. Yet it served us quite well.

Some say its a sign of mid-life but I traded the GTi for the EOS in response to a childhood dream of driving a topless car. It was worth it.

Sighhh, the Perodua Viva is more practical though. Four doors and all. However, one of these will have to go soon....