Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The teeth gnasher...

Its been a long day, I only get to leave after Maghrib prayers. Am looking forward to the drive home. The solitude and tranquillity as the car glides past the empty country roads lined with palm oil and forested land. Definitely personal quality time used for contemplation and entertaining fantasies. Bliss accosted in the Volvo engulfed in great music and the lonely open road. Except for the few lorries there were not much traffic. The sky was clear, lit with glittering stars and a wedge of moon.

Two hours into the journey, lit a cigarette, roll down the window slightly to let the pungent smoke out of the car and slowed down a bit. The lilting tune of Kenny G setting the mood for a slow drive. It was then that i saw the shapeless thing flying past the car. It was as long and broad as the car itself. Perhaps it was just a shadow but the goose bumps on the back of my neck say otherwise. Dump the cigarette, rolled up the window and start moving faster. Perhaps I could catch up with some other vehicle up front.

It came again, like an aircraft performing flyby in air shows. The faster I drove, the closer it gets as it flies by. A shapeless, black blob playing catch with my car. As the speedo reaches 180, the thing is no more. A relief I thought would come was replaced by dread as I sense there is something on the back seat. The rear view mirror was dark but it was the sound that really gets to me. The sounds of gnashing teeth drowned the tunes of Kenny G. The sound was so close as if it was just inches from my ear. I drove faster while reciting all the holy prayers that I could think of. I did not dare to mute the music for fear that the sound its making will become more audible.

That’s all it does, making that sound. As the car proceeded along the winding bits, I remembered that perhaps all it wants is to make me go faster till I crashed. I slowed down to a more sensible speed and forced myself to ignore it. Finally, lights, Plaza Toll Jabor. Drove through the Smart Tag lane and stopped in the layby. Of course the thing was not there but I was soaked in sweat and shaking....

Based on a recent experience of a friend - not my personal experience, though I do drive on the same route - in a topless car !!!

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Azlan said...

Morale of the story - you will be definitely safe with all "topless" things with you.