Monday, February 12, 2007

Behind Subang Airport.

These are some scenes from my MTB playground. Rather tame really, more estate biking rather than mountain biking. The most challenging bit of the route would be the small climb in picture no. 3. The rest are just rolling tracks with some incline and a lot of flats under shady trees. But its great for getting away from traffic and to get some really fresh air into my lungs.
Sadly, more and more of the area has been taken over by development.


ross said...

i've been passing through that area for 7 years from 1990 until 1997 when i move to bdr kinrara but i never know such biking track was around there all this while.
what happen to den... when he gasping for air.. is the basikal pancit or he's the one that pancit he.... kah.. kah...

Apandi said...

Den never pancit. Thats the advantage of being a non smoker...sighhhh.