Thursday, February 22, 2007

Everyday things...NOT.

All three photos depicts everyday things in their own surrounding, space, habitat or whatever you label them. However, these are definitely not things that you see everyday, especially those trapped in the rythm of life in the concrete jungle.
But that is not the main point of todays post. Mat Salo posted a nice comment that sets me thinking. About turning 40, hitting mid life and reminiscing about lost youth, lost friends and such. How true. In the end, that's all you are left with isn't it ? Memories, experiences and lessons learned (or not). Wealth will make it more comfortable and health we always take for granted. So, what else is there ?
As Alan Parsons sings "where do we go from here; now that all of the childrens growing up; where do we go from here".
Back to the photos, the first is wild flower, its tiny and sometimes can be seen by the roadside. The second is mushroom on the trunk of a dead rubber tree and the third is a polyp (I am guessing), soft coral at low tide.

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