Sunday, February 04, 2007

Recent random pics.

Just some photos to grace todays rant. Last Friday, I went to the KLCC mosque for Friday prayers. As usual the place is packed. The most striking thing was that the sermon or khutbah was delivered in English. Not just a smattering of English but totally in English, apart from quotes of verses from the holy Quran and hadith. This is good considering the number of foreigners praying there.
What is not good, and please don't arrest or sue me for this for I am only voicing my personal opinion.
The content is more or less crap if you put it in context. The writer of the sermon seems insistent on promoting the federal territory day, how it began, how it was celebrated separately by the territories, how it is now celebrated jointly and bla bla bla. People should pray to ensure that gods grace will be with us to maintain this harmonious and prosperous cosmopolitan city and bla bla bla. Look, what we should all be praying for is guidance and salvation. If prosperity and harmony is what you asked for, that is all that you will get. Don't these people believe in the hereafter anymore ? To be fair, the khatib also mentioned that we should pray so that this cosmopolitan city does not turn into a sex destination or for other vices (no kidding, that is what I heard), hmmm now why do you think he mentioned that ?
Come on, those are for tourist brochures, MAS inflight magazines and media advertisement. I came to the mosque hoping for spiritual healing not to be bombarded with propaganda. I truly felt like walking out but respect for the hour of god kept me in my seat.
When even the last bastion of peace and spirituality has been hijacked, no wonder then, that at least 1 in 5 Malaysian is under stress and going koo koo. I totally agree with my dear frind the Ancient Mariner, "we truly deserve the government that we have".

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