Friday, November 24, 2006


In this bright Friday morning, my thoughts were taken to friends who have passed on. Al-Fatihah for Arwah Azam who was gone more than 10 years ago. How time flies, seems like only yesterday we were together.

Azam hails from Kampung Pandan, the son of a taxi driver. He is the kindest amongst us and I miss his accommodating ways. We first met when both of us were taking our modular course in ALAM. He is from a batch senior than me. This goes on through the years as our career progression dictates. We got close, so much so that each others family treats us like their own son. Sadly, though kind, pious, soft spoken and hard working, Azam does not do too well in his studies. So much so that he even became a taxi driver for while. At the insistence of friends he resumed his sailing career and aimed to take the Home Master exams instead of pursuing a Master of Foreign Going ship.

To get cash (his sponsorship, was no more by then), he sailed as an able bodied seamen. It was during this time that Allah took him away. It is ironic, how it was at this time, when he seems to have everything planned for his future that he is gone. He was engaged, scheduled to go through the exams and then get married and settle down.

He drowned, falling off a pilot ladder that he was testing. This happened in broad daylight off Singapore. His remains was found two or three days later.

The most painful part for me was visiting his family, years later. No words were said, his mom just rushed to the door and hugged me with tears streaming from her eyes. I was overwhelmed, I visited after a few years thinking that the pain would have healed, not for a parent losing a child I suppose....

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat dan menempatkan engkau ditempat orang-orang yang diberkati, Amin.

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