Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mas cutting costs ?

On the recent flight into Istanbul, MAS cost cutting measures is clearly visible, especially in terms of food. No more peanuts to go with the welcoming orange juice. No choice for juice either. Only water or orange juice. The accompaniment that comes with brunch and lunch is the same, the vegetable is the same and the fruits for dessert is the same. Pumpkin, cucumber, tomatoes, melon, apple and was it a (1) grape ? Anyway, as consolation, I think the air host and hostess now does not differentiate between mat salleh and asian/locals as they were wont to do. Hey, they are even nice to me and smiles at my query. (Sorry Jag, kalau ko baca ni, tapi kenyataannya, especially flight to London, kalau mat salleh, bukan main lebar dia punya senyum....)

Could be my imagination but the movie selection also seems to have been drastically reduced. Rest assured though, I will still make MAS my preferred choice of air transport, if not for anything then to do my bit to uphold the pride of the nation.

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