Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why do we close doors ?

Why indeed ? Most likely it is without realising that we close doors. By a simple word, gesture and act we exclude those that could otherwise open doors for us, move us forward, assist us. I definitely need to learn from this experience, for this time it is I who closes the door. I pray that no one else will close any door for me.

It started well enough as old friends meet. Talk about new business being set up, the excitement of moving into a new office. Trading licenses acquired. Alas, capital is lacking. Though I do not have any to offer, I do know of those that can and may be interested. Sadly, my enquiries were not satisfied. Their backers were kept as a secret from me. Thus, I assumed that I am not trusted enough as I have trusted them, I feel excluded. How am I to help open the door when my question is not answered and I am not privy to the whole scenario ?

I tried putting myself in their shoes and I still can't justify why such a trivial fact should be kept a secret. Not least from a person such as me, considered an old friend who is trying to help. Thus a door closes, and I felt distanced. As much as I would have liked to help, the feeling I get is that perhaps my enthusiasm is not required or even appreciated. Without even trying I sent a small white lie saying that the investor I mentioned is not interested to invest in their field at this time.

I wish them luck.

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