Friday, November 24, 2006


The photobook was delivered yesterday. Wrapped in layers of cardboard, bubble wrap and paper not to mention the plastic courier envelope. Good effort to ensure that the book is not bent or anything. From ordering to delivery took about 4 days. Not bad for a Malaysian company.
The quality of paper and prints were excellent. This is definitely a great idea as more and more people are using digital cameras. Rather than manage 4R prints like I used to do, archive all your shots and once you think you have enough material, have it printed in book form such as this. I chose the A3 size which fits about 200 photos. In my case the photos were made up of those from as far back as 1999 [hmm remember space 1999 ? Maya is my favourite character....].
This of course depends on the layout and size of photo you choose to print, you can put in caption too. Say, if you want full page spread on every page then it will take 80 photos. The initial price includes 40 pages with additional pages available as option. My only gripe is that, they should offer hard cover which will make the book look better and lasts longer. As it is, its just like a catalogue.
As the ad says, A3 Photobook = RM260, the squel of delights = priceless.

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