Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Manual Bike.

Special thanks would have to go to JN Mak for introducing this sport to me. It began with him selling his Mongoose aluminium single suspension bike to me. He took me into the palm plantations in Bukit Raja and made me cycle up and down hills till my butt is numb, then he tells me that you are not supposed to rest your weight on your butt 100% while riding. This is one guy who believes in teaching by doing and he is good at it. Not just for MTB but for work and life. Thank you Mr. Mak.
What made me fall instantly in love with mountain biking is the fact that it offers me the kind of solitude which I enjoyed and treasured while doing the 12 - 4 at sea. Similar to enjoying your own company on the bridge in open sea, here the sea is replaced with green trees and forest. Just you, the bike with background music provided by nature. Of course this could only be achieved if you go riding alone. Which is quite a risky thing to do. I do it anyway and the risk is what I am willing to pay for my moment of solitude.
From the Mongoose, again through the influence of Mr. Mak (who has 6 mountain bikes, a folding bike, a folding canoe, two kayak, a 4WD, boat engines and numerous outdoorsy things), I moved up to full suspension. Initially bought the Specialised which doen't feel quite right for me. Added some money and got this Santa Cruz Superlight instead. Excellent bike, then again fully kitted it could get me half a Kancil....
Sadly, have not been cycling for the past year or so. The best I could do was 20 minutes stint with the Mongoose on a trainer. My favourite playground, the rubber plantation behind Subang Airport is getting smaller by the day. There are less forested areas to be explored in the vicinity of KL/PJ, and to drive so far out just does not seem worth it.
Perhaps I will get back in the swing of things soon.

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