Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Second paid job.

The second job is more commercial in nature. I was recommended by Jamie. The company wanted to have photos of their cranes with the KLCC as a background for their 2007 calendar. They were also insistent that the photos should only be taken when the sky is clear. We ended up having to do the shoot at about 0700hrs. after the daily shower subsided. It was wet and muddy and my shoes were all mucky with splashes of mud on my black pants.

It is a tricky situation as I do not have the proper lens. The best I could do was this skewed crane image. They were happy to use it, I just wonder if its because of the minimal carges imposed or if they just wanted "a" picture. Anyway, I got paid and they get their pictures even though I am not too pleased with my output this time.

The complex machinery in close up. They also wanted to show the machine in action. Apparently it sprays cement mixture into bored holes used as base for whatever it is they are constructing. It definitely is not pleasant risking having my camera coated in fine mist of cement but we faced up to the challenge.

One of the workers, holding of all things the bud of a lotus. Where the heck could that come from ?

Hmmm, maybe they will send me a couple of the calendars.

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