Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bikers; BEACH.

Got these shots on the beach at Kuantan. Photographically its pretty exciting as these are my first ever action shot with the D200. The second one capturing blurry movement is my favourite.
Socially, these guys are idiots acting irresponsibly. It was a weekend, beaches in front of resorts are teeming with people, mostly kids playing on the sand. I am a biker too and I do understand their need to enjoy their machine but come on, at least slow down when passing heavily populated areas of the beach. Imagine if a kid is knocked down. What then, apologise profusely to the parents ? Imagine further if its some foreign kid - god forbid an American or a Brit - good job at tarnishing Malaysia's image. Real idiots, notice in the second photo he's looking at the sky ? Imagine the gall of it, going full speed with kids around and taking the time to look at kites.

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