Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Have you ever had to walk on asphalt at mid afternoon in 42 degree Celsius atmospheric temperature on bare foot ? If you ever do, only then, at the moment that the heat is transferred from the tarmac to your bones through the sole of your feet, will you appreciate the existence of the humble flip flop popularly known as "selipar jepun" here in Malaysia. But that's another story.
Today, I am reminiscing back to primary school where one of the all time favourite essay topics, be it in English or Bahasa Melayu is to write as if you were an object, say a pen, a pencil or my personal favourite a one ringgit note. It provides for an interesting read when young innocent minds inject soul and feelings into an inanimate object. Usually with a sad ending with the object being discarded after being replaced with something new and shiny.
It has been said over and over that a child's perspective is always the absolute truth. And so it is is, isn't it ? Their essays put to paper what they subconsciously know all along. In life, there is a cycle to all things. Each created for a purpose. Each will be discarded once its objective is fulfilled. This point brings to mind a little financial advice I gave to a young couple who will be getting married soon. More to the future groom really, I said, whispered actually, that he should have his own emergency funds which in essence contradicts my earlier advice for them to be fair and equitable with each other as far as money is concerned. Why ? Because you never know, in the worst case scenario, if you were thrown out then you will have something to fall back on.
I apologise for seeming to put a dark shadow over what should be joyous, but that's just me being me with those within my circle. Why ? Because I have received a phone call late at night from a close friend asking to pick him up from, of all places, in the vicinity of the Lake Gardens. Turns out he has been thrown out by his wife. This coming from a couple who were deeply in love for years so much so that they would rather not eat so the money could be used for their phone calls. Its a long story. They are divorced now. Bottom line, at the beginning each needed the other but the time will come when the need is overcome.
It applies to all of us doesn't it ? No matter how useful you think that you may be, one day the time will certainly arrive when that usefulness is no more.

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Mat Salo said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. I love this poignant piece, and the discarded sleper jepang made a fitting end. Yes, we all will be discarded after we outlive our usefulness...Only memories will remain. That's why it's so important we do good while we can, and love and engage the people we're with... whoa look who's talking ;)