Monday, March 19, 2007


Not 'that' vista, but the real deal. A beautiful morning by the beach in Kuantan. The cool air is still and the waves laps the beach lazily letting the water play hide and seek with reflections of the glorious sunrise on the pristine and shiny sands. For me this is the stuff that feeds the soul. Just the stuff to remind me to take stock and re-examine my perspectives in life.

The photo above is of my son perhaps examining his life's perspective. Well, maybe not, he's just looking at seashells and hermit crabs. It really warms me up that he is willing to wake up at dawn and follow me on my trek to the beach. It was fun.


Jamal said...

Abang! Pergi Kuantan tak call gua ke!!

Apandi said...

Err, Doc, sorry aaa. I passed a Stream on the way in, thought it was you. But then, my wife "who is not afraid of me" said, this trip is for the kids, make sure it stay that way... Kalau aku pergi sorang sure call. Was even trying to recall directions to your house as I pass persimpangan Cengkih.