Thursday, March 15, 2007

Losing ground.

My cycling area is getting smaller and smaller. This is the lament of mountain bikers now. Development (destruction of nature) is slowly but surely encroaching into areas of green. Displacing plants, insects and critters with concrete and trash.The second picture is a proposed bridge which collapsed most likely due to erosion resulting from sand mining close to it. It has been left like that for months if not years now.
The third picture used to be secondary jungle fringing the rubber plantation. All is gone now and I don't think its coming back.


Mat Salo said...

Cap'n there's no one to blame except us - the voting public. We put this irresponsible people in power who favor unbridled development mostly for "personal" reasons. You know what I mean.I am just grateful that I took MTB'ing early enough so I was once able to experience the splendor of former Damansara Perdana, Sg. Penchala/TTDI, FRIM Kepong, Batu Dam etc. But sadly, not any more. Correction Cap - it's NEVER going to come back...Hey, bila aku balik nanti kita ride yek?

Apandi said...

Sure, si Dennis pun is getting into the swing of things. Suhaimi kita ajak sekali lepas tu kita tinggalkan dalam estet tu kah kah kah.