Wednesday, January 17, 2007

7 years old macros by Nikon.

This post show some macros taken using the Nikon 950 and Nikon 990 digital cameras back in the year 2000. It was "the" digital camera and its a shame really that Nikon's prowess in the P & S sector just fizzles out with subsequent crappy products.

Both the pictures above was taken using the Nikon 950 in Marang Safari Resort in Terengganu. A nice place with a choice of chalets either facing the sea or the estuary. Azrul of might remember the trip.

These two were taken using the Nikon 990. Can't recall where it was exactly taken, most likely either up in Genting Highlands or was it Cameron Highlands. Anyway, that is one nasty ulat bulu with long fluffy stingers...

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Jamal said...

Am I seeing 105VR coming pretty soon?