Friday, January 19, 2007

Storm brewing.

Off the Strait of Malacca, on the way to Pengkalan Balak near Kuala Sungai Baru. Dark heavy clouds providing a menacing atmosphere. That is how it felt like today as I received an email about an ailing relatives succumbing to cancer.
"...just imform everyone that my dad's cancer problem is beyond has already metastasise to the upper part of the is already at the invasive stage...
at this point radiotheraphy is the only option..
removal by surgery would be fatal because he has undergone through two
operations recently.
dostors suggested Nilai cancer institute or the subang mediacal centre as
the next venue cos they do not have such facility in Kuantan medical centre.
the doctors cannot guarantee that radiotheraphy would eradicate the cancer
cells totally.
anyway...the family decides to let nature take it's course.
at his he is claustrophobic..
the tought of leaving him all alone in the enclosed chamber,with radiation
fired at him would be tormenting.
we are only praying for the best..."
This on top of my mom's recent diagnosis of thinning and brittle back bones. Out of the blue she is unable to stand or sit without help. Most likely osteoporosis at the late stage. She is on painkillers and calcium tablets now. Hopefully, this is the nadir and we will all start moving towards the zenith soon. 2007 certainly starts with a big drag.

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