Saturday, January 20, 2007

Meeting with the past.

The President delivering his opening remarks. Please stay on, you have done good for IKMAL and I am certain at least a few more terms will make it better. Not forgetting the VP, Sec., Ancient Mariner, Sifu, and the rest of the council. Good job.

Excellent performance by Asika. Thank you for managing to perform with restrained sound levels making conversation possible during dinner. Liza Hanim and Capt. Sasi was good too. Seafarers, nothing less can be expected. Tara kucak cak...

It has been a good night. That's the line up of the award recipient. All truly deserving in their own way. Congrats guys.

On a personal note, this gathering of the maritime fraternity enabled me to look at my past with a new perspective. Met with those who had an impact and influence on me, my teachers, my students, old friends, bosses and colleagues. All, in some unique ways touches and shapes my life, work and thoughts. It was good seeing all of you again. Thank you.

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