Tuesday, January 02, 2007


How far can we care about something ? When do we let go ? Starting is easy, because you are humane, you care and it made you feel good. Stopping is another matter altogether. Where do we stop ?

This rant is the result of a recent observation on human interaction. A person who cared too much that it became a pain to the caree (is there such a word i.e. the person being cared for). What I see is this, we care for a lot of things around us, our family, friends, neighbours etc. Often it is because we think that we have certain knowledge or experience that will contribute to better the situation of the caree. So we give, not so much to the caree but subconciously to ourselves because the act of giving signifies that we are superior in knowledge or experience thus making us feel good. In most instances, what we fail to realise is that the caree also have their own knowledge and experience. This inadvertantly results in unwanted advice which is annoying on both sides.

I have been and may continue to be guilty of this act myself. But, I am learning, learning that others have their own opinions and methods, that my advice may not work on them, most of all learning to only give solicited advice. I keep reminding myself to just shut up...

This does not mean that I do not care, on the contrary, it is because I care enough to see that sometimes it is only my presence and not my words that is required.

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